Under each manufacturer brand name are the authorized retailers, resellers, and distributors for each respective brand. We select specialty retailers who we know that you can trust. Retailers, resellers, and distributors not listed here are considered not to be authorized to resell Ascaso, Elektra, and Vibiemme brands in the United States. Espresso 4 Home, LLC is only responsible for the one year parts and labor warranty for equipment only sold through these listed and authorized retailers, resellers, and distributors.

For usage questions, please contact the retailer you purchased from. If they can not answer your questions or of they suspect a defect, they will escalate your information to us. Request for warranty repair needs to be made by your retailer.
1st-line Equipment 1st-line Equipment 1st-line Equipment
  Stefano's Espresso Care Stefano's Espresso Care
Kitchen Universe Kitchen Universe Kitchen Universe
Espresso Outlet Espresso Outlet Espresso Outlet
JL Hufford Prima Coffee Prima Coffee
Air & Water Air & Water Air & Water
Italian Bean Delight Italian Bean Delight Italian Bean Delight
1st-in-Coffee 1st-in-Coffee  
Studio LX Studio LX  
Espresso By Me Espresso By Me Espresso By Me
Coffee Wishes Coffee Wishes Coffee Wishes
Home Furnite + Patio Caffe Forte Home Furnite + Patio
My Espresso Shop My Espresso Shop My Espresso Shop
My Espresso Shop My Espresso Shop My Espresso Shop

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